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In addition to his paintings and novels, Charles Moffat is also a poet. He has published three books of poetry thus far, including:

  • a dream of unfettered roses - $17.99
    Trade Paperback, 85 pages, ISBN-13: 979-8718448054

  • Dreaming of Zen Archery - $9.99
    Trade Paperback, 29 pages, ISBN-13: 979-8836630096

  • Ancient Stories Dreamt Of - $11.99
    Trade Paperback, 122 pages, ISBN-13: 979-8836826116

    There are three things all poets talk about: Death, love, and the meaning of life. This observation is no less true for Charles Moffat. In Moffat's poems he frequently uses metaphors and similes to get his meaning across and many such poems touch on issues of psychology and mental health. "Gossamer Lies" for example aludes to the idea that the lies are see-through and the poem itself deals with a tragic suicide of a doctor and how it effected the psyche of the doctor's only daughter.

    Moffat's poetic works also sometimes appears in his fictional work, as he is apt at sneaking both poetry, riddles and love letters into his novels and short stories. He uses the poetry in his fictional work as a narrative device to provide a metaphor for the characters/plot, or sometimes as a riddle pertaining to the plot itself.

    Moffat's love letters are also quite poetic, not only because he has studied formal letter writing and traditional love letters, but also because he is a true romantic at heart.

    His poetry also sometimes compliments his artistic work. For example his painting "Persephone and the Pomegranate" goes quite well with the poem of the same name. Likewise roses, succubi, romance/sexuality also feature in his artistic works.

    Moffat's poetic works can be grouped into several categories:

  • Existential
  • Political
  • Psychological
  • Romantic
  • Whimsical

    His existential works frequently deal with life, death, meaning, purpose, suicide (something he is adamantly against).

    His political poetry deal more with concepts of patriotism, ignorance, warmongering and power struggles. (Moffat is also a pacifist.) ie. Naked in the Desert

    His psychological works deal with largely with men, violence, loneliness, sexual lust and animal magnetism/metaphors. ie. Man's Evil Ego

    In Moffat's romantic poetry he frequently uses romantic symbolism, such as roses and dancing. ie. Desolate Roses on Sunswept Gales

    Sometimes he just writes whimsical poetry which has no real special meaning beyond saying something simple like thank you. ie. Thanx for the Raisin Cookies

    One of his most important poems is "The Sumerian Legend of Lilith", an epic poem concerning the Sumerian goddess known as Lilitu.

    Moffat has held various titles in poetry clubs in Toronto, and retired from club administration in 2012. However in February 2014 he returned to become the new president of the Toronto Poetry Club - which had to be restarted because the old president deleted it and all the contact info for club members was lost. He restarted the club, reinvigorated it, and then passed it on to the current club president.

    Published Works

    In February 2012 Moffat published his first poetry book: "a dream of unfettered roses" which is available on Kobo for $2.99. See "a dream of unfettered roses" on Kobo. The paperback version is available via Amazon.

    In February 2015 Moffat published his second poetry book: "Dreaming of Zen Archery" which is available via Kobo for $2.99. See "Dreaming of Zen Archery" on Kobo. The paperback version is available via Amazon.

    Moffat's newest poetry book is "Ancient Stories Dreamt Of", which went on sale on June 1st 2022 on Amazon as a paperback. It is not currently available via Kobo.

    a dream of unfettered roses Dreaming of Zen Archery Ancient Stories Dreamt Of

    The poems you are looking for are no longer available here.

    If you are looking for "The Sumerian Legend of Lilith" or "Persephone and the Pomegranate" then you need to purchase the book: "Ancient Stories Dreamt Of".

    Last Updated: February 1st 2023.
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