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Poetry by Charles Moffat

The Plumbline

It is the little things that make people truly happy
Please forgive me if I sound sappy

You aren't going to find happiness in a bucket of ice cream
Or in an office tower chasing a monetary dream

You won't find any meaning to life f*cking like a p*rn star
And you certainly won't find it on a sofa watching the bizarre

Taking out your anger on family and friends won't help either
Nor will neglecting your children or duties get you any farther

You may look at other people and think that their life is better
Nor thinking you're wonderful just because you're a jet setter

But the older you get the more you may start to notice
Satisfaction and contentment doesn't come from desire's kiss

Letting go of desire and being content is a sure sign
Happiness means staying close to your soul's plumbline

If you wander too far from the plumbline's center you will get lost
Happiness is a balancing act of physical necessity and emotional cost

People need food, a house over their head and the warm glow of sex
They need rest, a feeling of self-respect and a few useful objects

It is all about balance and knowing what you need to do
It isn't about repeating mistakes and ending up with deja vu

The people who overdo it are the ones who end up becoming addicts
They strive for perfection and that desire makes them emotional wrecks

Imagine your needs as the plumbline and see your desires spread
Stay close to your needs, let go of unrealistic desires and go ahead

The world is yours to explore and to discover
Be content and let happiness be your lover

Note: The 'Plumbline' idea is based on the writings of Zen Master Takuan Soho.

February 2012.

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